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Days like today seem tailor-made to give the economy a superficial boost through the mass production and selling of sappy cards, heart-shaped necklaces, neon-pink candies and copious amounts of chocolate. Valentine’s Day is truly one of the few ‘holidays’ that forces people to do what they should have been doing the whole year – showing their significant other just how much they mean to them. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes some of us need that wake-up call!

I don’t really have a big issue with it, primarily because I deliberately choose not to go overboard. My girlfriend and I each have a series of 2012 savings goals, so we’d much rather save for good times down the road than expensive gifts right now. Memories > Stuff, right?

That’s easier said than done, though. It’s tempting to swipe your credit card until your balance is just as red as the wrapping paper decorating those diamond earrings you bought. Very tempting. But not enough.

This Valentine’s Day, we’ll be taking the high road. Who needs chocolate? Flowers and a nice dinner sound pretty sweet to me.