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OK, I have to come clean. Since paying off my student loans in October, I must admit that I’ve become a little obsessed with saving. Seriously obsessed.

Don’t get too worried. I’ve by no means become a miser, but I (for the first time in my life) am tracking where my money is going. I have set up a TFSA, and a couple of goal-specific savings accounts (‘MBA’ and ‘Vacation’), and have even automated some transactions to take money from my chequing account every payday and deposit it directly into my savings accounts. I’ve also taken advantage of my employer’s RSP-matching program – they match up to 7% of each paycheque! Not bad, right?

I knew being debt-free would feel good, but I had no idea how satisfying it is watching your savings grow. Now only if it would hurry up in time for a downpayment…