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If you’re into personal finance blogs as much as I am, then you’re probably familiar with Always Save Money – the creative output of Rubina Ahmed-Haq, a financial journalist and the business contributor on CBC’s Steven and Chris show. Focusing primarily on spending smart, strategic saving and debt management, she has built a reputation for easy-to-follow tips for those eager to turn their personal finances around.

During a weekly pan of some of my favourite blogs, I came across a contest she was running on how to save and still maintain a social life. Seems paradoxical, right? Admittedly, it is rather difficult to have a good time with friends without spending a chunk of change. In fact, I think it’s actually essential (and healthy) to do just that every once in a while. How happy would we be if we never took a vacation or went out for a nice meal?

But not always.

I posted that I have personally brought back the good times of a ‘night in’ with friends. Playing poker, watching the game or simply breaking out a board game are all ways to have low-key (and low cost) evenings that are still a tonne of fun.

And guess what – I won! Rubina wrote me up and is in the process of mailing me my own copy of Jonathan Chevreau’s Findependence Day. I’m looking forward to giving it a read and will be sure to post a review.

I guess saving really does pay!

How would you save and socialize?